• Can I bring a friend along and have a ‘joint’ shoot ?

    Yes, we are more than happy to do a shoot for 2 people at the same time, you will both receive a 2 hour shoot each. Due to it being a double booking at the same time and location a discount would be given, please ask for further details.

  • Can my dog/child/partner be on the pictures?

    Yes, you can include your other pets and family members. You can share the 2 hour slot between you.

  • What if I have 2 horses?

    This is fine, we will split the time between them. For shoots involving any more than 2 horses there is an additional charge of £25 per horse.

  • How Far do you travel?

    We travel countrywide however, if you do not fall into a franchised area you may be charged mileage at a rate of 40p per mile.

  • How much do you charge for mileage?

    Mileage is charged at 40p per mile.

  • What do we do if it’s raining on the day?

    On the morning of your shoot, if it is raining we will call you to discuss our options but if the weather is particularly bad we will reschedule it to another day.

  • The yard I keep my horse isn’t very picturesque, what can I do?

    We can look at your surrounding area and work together pre-shoot to decide on the best location. We are very used to working on yards so have become very good at using our creative magic to get some great shots.

  • I don’t want my pictures taken at the yard where my horse is stabled, where else can we go?

    This is not a problem, we will look at the surrounding area and agree a suitable location pre-shoot. Some options for locations include woods, beach and parks etc.

  • My horse has a wooly coat, shall I get it clipped?

    Yes, we advise you to get your horse clipped a couple of weeks prior to the shoot to allow a bit of growth rather than the possibility of having clipper tracks.

  • Can you give advice and help with styling and outfit choices?

    We are more than happy to give advice an opinions on what ‘works’ well. We also have a ‘How to prepare for your shoot’ document which we will send to you once your booking is confirmed.

  • Do you do hair and makeup?

    We work closely with a makeup artist who you can book to do hair and make-up should you wish at an extra charge. We use Clare Arden, her website is www.clarearden.com.

  • How many outfit changes can I do?

    We recommend no more than 3 to allow ample time to take the shots in each outfit.

  • My horse is very young, nervy, what do I do?

    Ideally lunge/free school the horse first to take the edge off it, though keeping it out all night might make it too docile for the shoot. We are very experienced in working with all situations which may arise.

  • Shall I bring treats along to the shoot?

    We don’t encourage you to bring treats as this can sometimes lead to the horse losing focus as they can become more interested in the treats. Instead, a helper is always a good idea to assist and get the horses attention etc.

  • How long after the shoot do I have to wait to see the images?

    This is dependent on our current work load, however, we aim to have your images edited and to you for the viewing within 10 days.

  • Do you provide a disk with all the images on?

    We offer a personalised USB in a beautiful Linen personalised box

  • Can I use the images on facebook and other social media?

    You will receive 5 low resolution images which you will be able to use on facebook and social media sites. These will not be printable and will carry the Horse Photographer UK watermark.

  • Do you do gift vouchers?

    Yes, gift voucher prices start from £95

  • What product’s do you sell?

    We have a variety of products for sale, W will send a copy of the price list for this once your booking is confirmed. We will also bring a selection of product samples to the viewing. Product prices start from £145 and includes bespoke frames, fine art albums, Acrylics, Coffee table book, plus many more options.

  • What is included in the price of my shoot?

    The price includes a pre-shoot consultation, a 2 hour photo shoot at your chosen location, full editing of your images and a slide show presentation, reediting of your chosen images, ordering of your chosen products and delivery. You will also receive 5 low resolution images which you can use on social media sites such as Facebook.5

  • What should I wear?

    You can wear anything you like from casual through to wedding gowns and evening dresses. Bright colours always work well. We will send you a leaflet through once your booking is confirmed to give you some guidance and I am also happy to discuss options with you pre shoot.

  • How should I prepare my horse?

    You should prepare your horse as if it was going to a show. All tack needs to be clean and if possible a leather head collar and matching lead rope is preferable.

  • How do you show me my images?

    we come back to do the viewing at a convenient time/location if you are local, if not we use a private viewing gallery on our website.

  • How do I get my images?

    Your images will all be gift wrapped and delivered to you personally or if you are not local they will be sent out via a courier.

  • What are my payment options?

    We have a variety of payment options. Payment for the shoot is in cash on the day. Any products ordered need to be paid for at the time of ordering and this can be by cash, cheque, BACS or we have facilities to take debit and credit card payments.

Terms & Conditions

Any photo session booked with Horse & Dog Photographer UK or one of their appointed franchisees are subject to the following terms:

The copyright in the images belongs to HPUK/ the photographer. The owner of the animals or any person appearing in these pictures acknowledges that they have no rights to the images.

We may use your images on promotional products and literature.

Horse & Dog Photographer UK or one of their appointed franchisees undertakes that any images which include children under the age of 18 will not be used for any other purpose than display on the private gallery associated with the photography session without the permission of the child’s parent or guardian.

HPUK accepts no responsibility for injury or damage caused to horse, rider, property or any individual before, during or after the photo shoot. If you choose, at your own discretion, to ride your horse without a riding hat, you do so entirely at your own risk.

Throughout a photo session the owner of the animal(s) is responsible for the behaviour and actions of their pets/animals

A condition of participating in a photo session is that the owner of the animal(s) release and discharges Horse & Dog Photographer UK or one of their appointed franchisees from any and all claims and demands arising out of or in connection with the photo shoot and subsequent use of the photographs including without limitation any and all claims for libel or invasion of privacy.

The photo shoot must be paid for on the day of the shoot. If payment is not made, HPUK reserves the right to withhold the viewing of the images from you until payment is made.

The welfare of the animals in the photo session remains the highest concern. The session may be suspended or cancelled (to be rescheduled) altogether should the animals show signs of unease, discomfort or other adverse physical or emotional condition.

Should Horse & Dog Photographer UK or one of their appointed franchisees become concerned over the welfare of the animal at any point during the sessions The Dog Photographer reserves the right to terminate the session immediately.

No products will be ordered from HPUK’s supplier until HPUK has been paid for those products in full.

Once an order has been placed to HPUK’s supplier it cannot be cancelled, amended or refunded.

Products will be delivered to you within a reasonable timescale once received from the supplier.

You are not entitled to a refund of the shoot fee if you do not wish to purchase any images.
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